Nice to meet you.
I'm Blendi.

I’ve been in the design industry for 2 years with an intensive background in customer service.  Easily motivated to learn about new challenges and people, turning ideas into working prototypes, and testing them with real people.

My experience in civic-tech and cognitive psychology informed my approach toward design. Civic tech has helped me realize “design” is not limited to UI: but is only a piece of a much wider system that has much more in it, like humans, process, and context!

Studying psychology helped me better understand how important our intertwined systems are towards creating higher-level experiences – and that, emotion and thought are inseparable from one another.

As cliche as this might sound, delightful designs’ do make a noteworthy difference, of course as long as they’re functional.

about me

Recently moved to Barcelona, and looking to collaborate on projects. Please do reach out if you’d like to connect to chat about working together, or anything else about design!

“The And” is my favorite conversational card game. Each card prompts a question to ask one another. I personally love this activity as I get to learn new ways to reframe questions to learn about people.

I enjoy traveling and exploring new cities by bike!

I love to bartend! As most describe me as 'easily' outgoing. I love to chat with people; I listen in, I try to understand, and ultimately provide a great time.